The Art Of Garbage: Liquid G.

For this one man project, from the mind of Peter Van Bogaert, we’re taking you to a journey through the underground of the Belgian Electro Industrial scene.

Active since 1986 the first track ever made, 1:30 AM, was included on the EXPO 87 compilation (Dirk Ivens’ Label Body Records).

After numerous releases on his own label Liquid Produkts/Chaos Industries and compilation appearances on a.o. Body Records, Nuit Et Brouillard, Escape 3 Organisation,… Liquid G. profiled itself as a unique electronic project with a strong punk spirit : no compromises and the do-it-yourself way.

With a memorable gig at the 10 Years Of Suicide Commando Festival and having reinforced the ranks of Vomito Negro during some gigs after the “M.A.C.S.” (1989, Liquid Produkts) session between both projects, Liquid G. continues to build up a strong live reputation.

Conquering the local club circuit, programmed on several Minimal Maximal><Body Beats Nights and -for old times sake- he appeared again as live guest for Vomito Negro at the Belgian Gothic- and BIM Festival.

Since the release of “Black Liquid” it’s time to shine as a duo together with singer/songwriter Kim. Prepare yourself, with the creative drive of both band members and the live synths of Kim, for a high-intensity blast of more than 20 years underground electronics.

After the release of "Biohazard & Medical Waste" & "Overdose" on EK Produkt label, it's time to go forward with some old skool garbage, as a limited edition cdr/tape,
"The State Of Garbage 2012 - 25 years later", again as an one man project.

Last CDR release 2015: "SWITCH OFF / Industrial Emissions" - 2CDR Limited Edition 20pcs (Sold Out)

First full LP release on Dark Entries record label: "LIQUIDATION" - 10/2015

Latest digital release 2023: THE SMELL OF GARBAGE