Liquid G. born in 1986 as a one man project of Peter Van Bogaert.

 *Also busy in the 90's with sub-projects like: "Subsection 1!" (Peter VB & Sandra B.)

  and "Hydrom Line" (Peter VB, Bart Verlent en Sandra B.).

Active until 1997, after a silent period, back at work since 2005.

Part-time member from 2009 untill 2015: Kim De Laet

2023, right now, still mainly engaged in the project "Liquid Trauma".
Peter VB aka Peter Punk:

Founder, Composer, Producer, Programming, Live Synths, Vocals, Sound Creator.


Subsection1!:  from 1988 until 1991 (Peter VB & Sandra B.)
Hydrom Line:   from 1991 ubtil 1992 (Peter VB, Sandra B. & Bart V. (Kandinsky))

Maxx:Impact:   from 2008 until 2012 (Peter VB)

Liquid Trauma: from 2013 on, new project with Peter De Koning (TraumaSutra)


Cooperations in the past with:

Vomito Negro